Welcome to the White Post Animal and Game Farm in LI, NY.  Open 7 Days a week!
Admission Wed - Sun $12.89 + tax        Admission Mon & Tue $9.20 + tax

Best Petting Zoo

The White Post Farm's Animal and Game Farm has been voted 1st place for Animal Game Farms on LI, New York! Our family friendly attraction has also been voted #1 among things to do with the kids by New York Magazine. We are your number one choice for fun places to take the kids centrally located in Melville, LI. Our animal game farm has also been featured on NBC 4,  Fox 5, TV55, News 12, The Today Show, The Daily News and The New York Times. Come see why everyone is talking about The White Post Animal Farm!

Come Visit Game Animals From All Over The World right in LI, NY

The Animal and Game Farm Come see the animals up close and personal at our animal game farm and petting zoo. Some of our interesting animal breeds include the Oryx Antelope, our family of Ring-Tailed Lemurs from the forests of Southern Madagascar, Ostriches from Africa, Rhea from South America, Grevy Zebras from Kenya, Aoudads from Northern Africa, Dromedary Camels, Fallow Deer, Kangaroos, Nilgai Antelopes from India, Nubian Goats, Sheep, Japanese Koi, Pot-Bellied Pigs, Alpacas from South America, Llamas, Giant Tortoises and much more!

You can hand and bottle feed many of our friendly animals. Educational information signs are posted throughout to learn about the animals you are visiting.

Fun Rides for the Kids!

Pony Rides Try a Pony Ride on one of our loyal and friendly ponies. They are always ready and waiting to give a child a fun ride around the grassy track. Here's the place where kids can mount-up and "Ride that Pony." ($4.61+Tax per ride. 65 lb. limit) Train Rides Kids will love to take a ride on our Farmland Express Old Fashioned Train Ride. A mini-replica of the trains of yesterday that you can ride today! (Train rides $1.84+Tax per rider child or adult. Children under the height of 36" must ride with an adult.)

Fun & Educational Activities

Mining Adventure Our Mining Adventure is a unique and fun experience for all! Each person will receive a bag of mining rough which you then sift in our giant sluice to uncover hidden treasures! Hidden in the mixture are either arrowheads, gemstones or fossils depending on which package you purchase. 3 lb. Gemstones Activity $6.75 per 3lb. Bag

3 lb. Arrowhead Activity $6.75 per 3lb. Bag

5 lb. Fossil Activity $9.75 per 5lb. Bag

5 lb. Gemstone Activity $9.75 per 5lb. Bag

All packages include a keeper bag for your treasures and a full color educational gemstone and fossil identification card.

Fun Free Animatronic Shows for the Whole Family to enjoy!

The Animal Band Jamboree Don't miss our very own musical group with the 13 member Animal Band Jamboree. A visually stunning and musical masterpiece you don't want to miss. (FREE with your admission to our animal farm) The Singin' Chicken Show Ever wonder what really happens in the Hen House when the farmer isn't watching? Come watch as our favorite feathered friends belt out some popular tunes and teach you interesting educational facts at the same time. (FREE with your admission to our animal farm)

Our Playgrounds, Wooden Structures & Playhouses
Come Enjoy Our Play Areas We're not just an animal farm. We also have an extensive play area for hours of fun after you have seen our animals. We have multiple sand box areas, many wooden structures including a train, pirate ship, bus and jeep to play on, a village of large landscaped playhouses and lots of slides. We have plenty of places to sit while your kids enjoy all day fun in our playgrounds.

Please note that throwing of rocks and sand on our play structures or at other children playing is strictly prohibited. Disobeying safety rules and not supervising your children may result in your expulsion from the farm. Please help keep our playground areas fun and safe for everyone!

Hours, Admission & Extras

The Animal Farm is open
weekends from 10:00AM - 5:00PM
(No Entry After 5:00PM, You may stay until 6:00PM)

Parking is FREE

Wednesday thru Sunday Admission
Includes Bouncers (weather permitting)
Child Admission $12.89+tax ea.
Adult Admission $12.89+tax ea.
(Checks & Credit Cards are not accepted)

Monday & Tuesday Admission
Child Admission $9.20+tax ea.
Adult Admission $9.20+tax ea.
(Checks & Credit Cards are not accepted)

Pony Rides: $4.61+NYS Tax ea.
Train Rides: $1.84+NYS Tax ea.
Milk Bottles: $1.84+NYS Tax ea.

Animal Food Buckets: $4.61
+NYS Tax ea.
Animal Food Single Cones: $0.92
+NYS Tax ea.
Disclaimer: shows, packages, activities, prices, dates, and times are subject to change without notice.
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